Principal's Message - Junior Campus


It is my pleasure to welcome you to another school year here at LaSalle Elementary Junior. This is the second year that we are able to offer the community a dual track program offering the enrichment of the French Immersion program where each student is immersed in the culture of the language and establishes a foundation in one language and a Bilingual program where the students experience their academic progress equally in both the French and English language. 

Education is a partnership between school, students, parents/guardians and community. Through collaboration, communication and involvement in school activities; together we can provide a year full of new experiences and learning opportunities for the students. The agenda is a key component to learning organizational skills and communication between home and school.  Parents and Guardians are encouraged to read through this agenda and to check it daily for information from the school.

This information section provides a guide for you to understand our school’s expectations and procedures that aid in creating a pleasant and safe learning environment for the students. Please pay particular attention to our “Peaceful School Initiative” and “Code of Conduct”. Every member of our staff is here to help so if you need assistance in any area at all, please do not hesitate to contact the school or any staff member directly.  For your convenience staff emails and a calendar of events can be found on our school website.

On behalf of the LaSalle Elementary Jr. School Staff, we look forward to experiencing the coming year with you!


Diana Martire
LaSalle Elementary School Junior