Principal's Message - Senior Campus

If you take a tour through our school, you will see and hear,

  • “please” and “thank you” from all ages, children and grown-ups communicating with kindness and humour
  • student art work proudly displayed throughout our public spaces
  • classrooms with varied furniture arrangements and learning stations to promote comfort, attention and cooperative work
  • students meeting daily as a homeroom community to share stories and solve problems
  • professionals including a speech therapist, art therapist, psychologist, French or English resource teachers, study skills tutor, Francisation tutor and full-time behavioural counsellor
  • during the lunch hour, clubs and activities such as intramural sports, our award winning Math Olympics team, robotics club, a girls group ensuring their voices are being heard, a regular boys group supported with strategies and tools to resolve conflicts peacefully
  • all staff members trained in a range of  digital classroom tools, student self-regulation skills and trauma informed teaching practices
  • on any given day, one of our basketball teams practicing to compete with schools from across the city
  • parent volunteers supporting us daily to ensure that children have enough to eat and clean clothes to wear
  • on our Facebook page you will see an ongoing document of staff commitment and student engagement.

Our school is bilingual. It is multi-cultural. It is open to your child no matter how great their abilities or how profound their learning challenges. We are all lifelong learners constantly striving to grow personally and professionally. We are very proud of our school and the role it plays in the growth and development of the children of this community.

Feel free to communicate with me or any of my colleagues to discuss the progress of your child or the role our school can play in your child’s future as you make important decisions about your child’s education.

We look forward to meeting you,

Douglas Stewart, Principal