About our School


LaSalle Elementary School is committed to educating the whole child within a safe, kind and bilingual environment, fostering success for all. LaSalle Senior Elementary offers a an early immersion and bilingual program with a specialisation in art and music. Our Junior campus houses Pre-K, Kindergarten and Cycle 1 (Grades 1 and 2) . Our Senior campus houses Cycle 2 (Grades 3 and 4) and Cycle 3 (Grades 5 and 6). We provide a quality learning environment which encourages each child to develop to their full potential and foster within them a sense of community. Student success depends upon our school team creating a welcoming and caring school climate where every child feels a sense of belonging and safety.

We seek to instill the joy of lifelong learning within our students and strive to guide them to become critical thinkers, confident and responsible members of society who respect and appreciate diversity. As we look to the future, we strive to increase our students' awareness of global issues that impact our lives. We wish to instill in our students the importance of taking an active role in promoting positive change. In every child, we see a future parent, professional, caregiver, colleague and citizen. We strive to teach values and virtues that extend well beyond our mandated school curriculum.