Visitors & Communication


All visitors, including parents, are requested to enter the school by the main door at 1555 Rancourt Street and report directly to the Office. Items brought into the office will be delivered to your child. Volunteers and visitors in the building must pick up a badge at the office to wear while they are in the building. Please do not use the staff parking lot from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. for reasons safety and limited space.

Communication and Appointments

Communication between parents and the school is important and we invite you to discuss your child's school life with us at any time during the year. Any difficulties or concerns involving students, curriculum, or other school-related matters must first be discussed with the teacher. In most cases, problems can be solved at this level. If the issue is not resolved at this point, then it may require the input of the school administration.

Student Records

In order for us to keep our records up to date, please advise the school of any change of address or telephone number at home or at work. You are also required to provide the school (on the Emergency School Closing Form) with the phone number of a relative or a neighbour in case of an emergency.

Reporting to Parents

Three formal reports will be issued to parents during the school year to inform you of your child's academic progress. The dates when the reports will be sent home and when parent-teacher interviews will be held are shown on the school calendar found in this booklet. At any time during the year, teachers or the administrator may schedule interviews by directly contacting the parents.