Students who are eligible for bussing should have received a bus pass in the mail in late August indicating the location and time of their bus stop. For those students who are not eligible for transportation, parents may apply for "courtesy bussing" for the year by completing a form available from the school office. The cost of this service is $150 per year. Parents who request pick-up and drop-off at different locations must also pay $150 fee. School fees should be paid before courtesy bussing is granted. Children who are not eligible for bussing are not allowed to take the school bus. For more information please consult the transportation website:

Student Responsibilities On The Bus

  • Always wait on the sidewalk at the assigned stop for the bus at least 5 minutes before the appointed time.
  • Respect the authority of the bus driver.
  • Never shout, push, fight or cause a disturbance on the bus.
  • Do not eat or drink on the bus.
  • Never touch the equipment of the bus.
  • Never put arms or head out of the bus.
  • Never throw things in or out of the bus.
  • Remain seated until the doors are open and after getting off, move to get well clear of the bus.
  • Look in both directions before crossing in front of the bus and be certain that the flashing lights are operating. Remain in full view of the driver and obey instructions promptly and then proceed with caution when crossing.
  • Report to the office if you miss the bus after school.
  • Be prepared to show your bus pass to the driver at any time.

Bus Behaviour Reports

Bus drivers will issue Bus Behavior Reports to those students who break the above rules. Warnings to parents, suspensions from using the bus and finally expulsion from the bus service will be the result of repeated issuance of Bus Reports. Please remember that school bus transportation is a service of the School Board; it is not a right. This means that students can be removed from bus if their behaviour threatens the safe conduct of students.